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Muir Woods Information - Muir Woods History

Muir Woods Information - Muir Woods History

The history of Muir Woods is an interesting tale. Originally Native Americans resided in the area, which was later known as Marin County. These people were believed to be Miwoks, a mainly coastal living tride which could be found in modern day Sausalito, Bolinas and San Rafael. It is very likely that the Miwoks, though not actually living in Muir Woods, did pass through it from time to time. It is also believed that they hunted in that area occasionally, however their main diet was mostly found by the coast and included clams and limpets.

In the mid 1700s Spanish missionaries came into the area. They occasionally harvested some of the trees for building ships and fueling their missons. They had a major cultral influence which is still active today.

In 1836 most of the area had been granted by the Mexican government to William Antonio Richardson. The land was kept peaceful until 1849 when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill. This sparked off a large migration for those who wanted to get rich quick. The amazing thing is that Muir Woods managed to escape this because of its inaccessibility.

In the early 1900s the area was being used by people who wanted to view this amazing place. However there was no fences or protection around the trees and so the damage to the ground and trees was beginning to increase. It wasn't until 1924 before all the cars were stopped, fences were put in place and other regulations were put in place.

Today Muir Woods is a place that reminds us how the land used to look like, a rich and peaceful enviroment before the western world hit it. It reminds us of how beautiful the world can be even though the other things surround us can be so down-ridded. By finding beauty in the surrounding landscape we can find real beauty within ourselves.